Race info

Welcome to Ylläs-Levi Hiihto 6th April 2024!

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The start number pick up

You can pick up your bib at the race offices as follows:


Friday 5th April 2024 from 10am to 6 pm
Levi Tourist Information Centre, Myllyjoentie 2.


Thursday 4th April 2 pm to 8 pm Nature Centre Kellokas, Tunturintie 54, 95970 Äkäslompolo, note! It’s on Thursday!

Saturday 6.4.2024:

  • 70km 7am to 9am Ylläsjärvi, next to Bistro, in the immediate vicinity of the start, follow the signs and guides, Iso-Ylläksentie 44. Note! Only 70 km starting numbers.
  • 55km 8am to 10:30am Äkäslompolo Primary school, Koulutie 2, 95970 Äkäslompolo. Note! Only 55 km starting numbers.

Start numbers must be collected at the above times!

Please remember to take along the registration confirmation you received by email. We recommend that you check that your name is on the list of participants, which is available on the website. The timing chip is on the back of the start number and does not need to be returned.

In addition to the race number, you will receive a sticker to mark your equipment bag, a ski sticker according to your start group and, if necessary, a bag for your equipment.

The bib number and any advertising on it must not be covered during the event. Your race number is personal. If necessary, it is possible to transfer your entry to another person for a change fee of 30 EUR.

Late registration

You can register online until the start of the event (6th April at 10:30am), please leave time to pick up your race number from the race office!

The late registration is possible also at the event offices on Thu 4th April (only Ylläs), Fri 5th April (only Levi) and Sat 6th April (Ylläs). Prices for on-site registration: 70km €110, 55km €100. Note! Only card payment.

Transfer of participation and other changes to registration

Check: https://www.yllaslevi.fi/en/cancellation-policy/

Baggage depot

Skiers can leave their equipment at their own risk to be transported from the starting areas to the finish in Levi. The skier leaves the equipment at the starting points for transport by himself. The transport will be carried out by buses used for skiers’ transportation, so skis, for example, fit on board. Please note that the starting point for the equipment transport is not right next to the starting line; in Ylläsjärvi in front of restaurant Taiga and in Äkäslompolo in the school yard! Mark your bag well!

Bus transport Levi-Ylläs

Shuttle buses to the starting areas will leave on Saturday from the front of Levi Hotel Spa, in front of Joiku Bar & Karaoke, Levintie 1590 / Hissitie side of the building (Note! New location!). The bus ticket costs € 10 and can be purchased in the registration system, at the race offices or at the bus departure point.

Transport to the start from Levi to Ylläs

At 7:00am to 7:45am (70 km) to Ylläsjärvi, buses depart once those are full, the last bus starts at 7:45.
At 8:30am (55 km) to Äkäslompolo

Return transport to Ylläs from Levi

Starting at 2 pm as a shuttle bus, running about every hour, until 7 pm. Be prepared to wait for the transport.

Note! Extra bus in the night at 9:30pm.

Return transport route: Levi -Ylläsjärvi Aakenus Restaurant Ylläs -Ylläs Ski Resort Ylläsjärvi – Nature Centre Kellokas – Jounin Kauppa Äkäslompolo.

Transports to start areas in the Ylläs area

Transfers to the starting areas in Ylläs cost € 5, and the ticket can be purchased at registration system, at the race offices or from the bus driver.

From Äkäslompolo to 70 km start:
At 8:00am Äkäslompolo, Jouni Shopping Center to Ylläsjärvi

From Ylläsjärvi to Äkäslompolo 55 km start:
At 8:30am and 9:15am Ylläs Ski Resort, Iso-Ylläksentie 44.
At 8:40am and 9:05am Ylläsjärvi Restaurant Aakenus, Iso-Ylläksentie 1.

Starting points of the races and parking

The 70 km skiing starting point is located on the Ylläsjärvi side of fjell Yllästunturi. Address: Ylläs Ski Resort Ylläsjärvi, Iso-Ylläksentie 44, 95980 Ylläsjärvi. Parking on site.

The 55 km starting point is in Äkäslompolo, on the ice of lake Äkäslompolojärvi, in front of the primary school, address: Koulutie 2, 95970 Äkäslompolo. Please note the new starting point!

NOTE! There are NO parking lots at the primary school, only a quick drop-off point. So, if possible, ski to the start!

Parking in Äkäslompolo:

Kellokas Nature Centre, Tunturintie 54, 95970 Äkäslompolo. Shuttle bus to the starting point (free of charge):
At 9:00am
At 9:30am

We strongly recommend using the parking lot of Kellokas!

There will be signs guiding to the start areas. There are outdoor toilets and some indoor toilets too at the starting points. Use those, do not leave a trace of a skier!

Starting times


70 km at 9:00am


55 km at 10:30am

Start groups

When you register, you estimate your target time. When you pick up your bib, you will receive a ski sticker corresponding to your starting group. At the start, you will be divided into three starting groups according to the color of the sticker. If you have not indicated your target time, please add it via the link provided with your confirmation. We hope that participants will gather up as instructed in the start area at least 15 minutes before the start time. Participants must have their bib number attached before entering the start area. If necessary, the organiser will move chosen athletes to the first starting line.

Skiing technique and rules

Skiing technique is classic. It’s forbidden to change skis during the race.
After the start, there is a start timing point where the net time is measured. The results will be based on the gross time.

The course

The course of about 70 kilometres runs from Ylläsjärvi, through Äkäslompolo, Kukastunturi and Pyhäjärvi to Levi. Along the route, three fells are crossed in 70 km course (in the 55 km race only one, Kukastunturi). The 55 km route excludes the initial part of the longer route and starts from Äkäslompolo. The ascent of Pyhätunturi at the Levi end on 55 km route is skied along the side of the fell, whereas the 70 km route will cross the Pyhätunturi fell. Discover the route.

Please consider other skiers, the aim is to have an enjoyable skiing event for all participants. Stay to the right. When overtaking, make sure there is no one behind you and that there is room to overtake.

The trail will be groomed the Friday evening or at the night, depending on the weather conditions.

NO LITTERING, the route runs in the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park! Do not leave traces of your participation along the route. Litter is a danger not only to animals but also to other skiers. Leave your rubbish in the rubbish bins at the service points and take care of other people’s rubbish if necessary. If a participant or his/her service team litter, the competitor will be fined 80 euros. This will be accounted entirely to support the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park.

Refreshment and Service stations

Service points will offer pickles, raisins, water, mixed berry juice and Squeezy sports drink (orange flavour).

The first 70 km service point (Ihmisen Rinki) only serves drinks, the last (Huippumoodi – Immeljärvi) has no pickles or raisins. In the second half of the race, selected service points will also serve blueberry soup and chocolate, see table below. See the detailed route map and the locations of the service points.

ServiceKM 70 / 55Split timeExtras
Ihmisen Rinki9  
Kotamaja25 / 10 Chocolate
Pyhäjärvi36 / 21XChocolate waffles
Herkkumaa – Aakenuspirtti47 / 32XBlueberry soup, bread
Kätkän laavu61 / 46 Chocolate
Huippumoodi – Immeljärvi67 / 52 Coca Cola, doughnuts

Time restrictions

For safety reasons, the maximum time for the 70 km race is 9 hours (finish time at 6pm). The maximum time for the 55 km course is 7.5 hours. The finish will therefore be closed at 6pm and there will be no finish service or timing for those arriving after this time.

Last transit times at service points:
• Pyhäjärvi: at 2pm
• Aakenuspirtti: at 3:30pm

Participants arriving later at these service points may have their race discontinued by the organizing committee. The chief of the race will do the decision.

Withdrawal the race

If the skis aren’t moving and you get too tired, you can discontinue the race. The nearest service point should always be informed of the withdrawal. If necessary, skiers who stop skiing will be transported from the service points to the finish line in Levi, be prepared to wait for the transport. Please note that the transports always head towards Levi and the return to Ylläs is done by the normal skiers’ transports.

Pole service and waxing

In the event of an accident, One Way spare poles are available at the departure and service points. Return the spare pole at the finish to the One Way point! Vauhti wax service is provided at the service points.

Route signs

The Ylläs-Levi Hiihto route is marked every 5 km (1 km on the last 5 km). The route markings indicate the remaining distance to the finish.

Emergency service and first aid

First aid and medical staff are located at the start and finish areas and along the route. In case of an emergency, call the emergency number 112 and give the following information:
• Ylläs-Levi Hiihto ski race
• Location along the route, note the kilometre signs along the route
• Type of the injury

Participants are advised to carry a mobile phone with them during the competition. However, please note that mobile phone coverage may be limited along the race route in the National Park.

Rescue personnel have the right to suspend a competitor’s participation if they suspect that the competitor’s health or that of others may be endangered.

After the race

Once you cross the finish line, your time is registered, and the real-time result service is on the Ylläs-Levi Hiihto website. In the finish area you will find toilets, gear pick-up point, catering, spare pole return point, V’inkkari after ski, Ylläs-Levi product sales point and other shops.

Protesting and disqualification

Protests made within 60 minutes after the first finisher will be dealt with in accordance with IWO rules. The protest handling fee is € 94. In amateur classes, protests can be made within two hours of the last finisher. The protest fee is € 50 and will be handled by the jury. The Jury Council is composed of the FIS Technical Director (TD), the Assistant TD and the Race Director. The Jury has the right to disqualify a skier and to remove him from the route if he/she does not respect the rules or the instructions given.

Awards and prize-giving

The three best men and three best women from both routes will be awarded. The prize-giving ceremony will take place at the finish area at 2pm.
Each participant will receive a medal and a diploma, which can be downloaded online from the results service.

Baggage depot

Items left in the transport can be collected after the finish area by showing your bib. Competitors leave their goods in the storage at their own risk. Lost and found items can be collected from the One Way point in the finish area until 6pm on the day of the race, after which they can be collected from Levi Tourism info, Myllyjoentie 2.


After the skiing, participants will have the opportunity to shower and sauna (included in the participation fee). Skiers’ showers and saunas are in Levi Hotel Spa, in the immediate vicinity of the finish area, please note! it’s only shower and sauna, no use of the spa. Entrance on presentation of a medal. Upgrade your recovery experience and take the opportunity to use the spa too! Access to the spa is for the special price, 16 eur, which can be paid directly at the spa.

Food and drinks

A soup lunch will be provided in the finish area as part of the participation fee. The finish area is located in the immediate vicinity of the Levi Ski Centre and its services. Please note that for the 70 km start at Ylläsjärvi, the services of the ski centre are not open before the start. In Äkäslompolo 55 km start, at the primary school, there are no food services for skiers.

Filming and marketing

Organisers may use the contact details of skiers for direct marketing purposes. The organiser has free access to the images and video recordings taken during the race.

After race gala

The closing party of the ski season will take place after the Ylläs-Levi Hiihto at 7pm to 9pm. The venue is Joiku Bar & Karaoke (Levintie 1590, near Levi Spa). There will be live music, interviews, a surprise program, and a raffle. Toni Roponen will host the evening. All skiers, supporters and volunteers are welcome.

Note: Ski trail maintenance will continue in Ylläs and Levi until 1.5. if conditions are permitting.