Cancellation policy

Updated 14th Feb 2024

Technique: Classic

Distances: 70km (Ylläsjärvi-Levi) and 55km (Äkäslompolo-Levi)

Participation fee includes timing and result service, possibility to print out a diploma and a medal. It also includes service at the feeding stations, after-race lunch, transport for the gear from the start to the finish, and shower possibility. It’s possible to buy the bus transportations when registering.

Cancellation policy

You can transfer your paid participation to other skier (for example sell or give to a friend) without any extra fee until 29th February 2024. This should be done through the link which you get while registration.

It’s possible to change the distance until 29th February 2024. Changing from 55km to 70km, the payment difference must be paid. Changing from 70km to 55km, there is no refund.

You can transfer your participation to 2025 for free until 29.2.2024.

Changes (name, distance, transfer to 2025) after 29.2.2024 cost 30€. Changing the distance from shorter to longer, also the payment difference must be paid.

In case Ylläs-Levi Hiihto is cancelled due to snow conditions, or some other reason that is not caused by the organizer (for example war, pandemic, natural disaster, or rule from the authorities), paid registration is fully transferred to the next year.

If there is a need to change the route due the lack of snow or other reasons that are not caused by the organizer, the participation fee won´t be returned, the competitor has no right for discounts nor other compensation.


In case of being sick, it’s possible to transfer the participation to the following year by paying the change fee (30€). This must be done in the registration system. All compensations and transfers are valid only for the following Ylläs-Levi Hiihto. Compensation is not valid after that. All compensations are personal and not to be transferred to other person.

All changes and transfers must be done by 6th April.