Vauhti Speed Ltd becomes the main partner for Ylläs-Levi Hiihto

Vauhti Speed Ltd and Ylläs-Levi Hiihto have entered into a significant two-year partnership agreement, taking the skiing event to new heights: Ylläs-Levi Hiihto powered by Fischer.

Vauhti Speed Ltd is a Finnish sports-focused company that imports products from Fischer and One Way, and manufactures Vauhti ski waxes. Vauhti Speed Ltd ‘s mission is to keep people active and promote well-being.

– Ylläs-Levi Hiihto on the spring highlight of the cross-country skiing season, with the number of participants steadily increasing over the past few years. Our collaboration with Ylläs-Levi Hiihto aligns perfectly with our values and product portfolio, which is why we are proud to be the main partner of Ylläs-Levi Hiihto with three brands Vauhti, Fischer, and One Way,” says Martti Uusitalo, CEO of Vauhti Speed Ltd.

The new main partnership, Ylläs-Levi Hiihto powered by Fischer, will be visible and felt in various ways. Competitors will enjoy pole service provided by One Way and ski waxing by Vauhti Waxes. Additionally, those using Fischer skis will receive special benefits even before the event in the Levi and Ylläs areas. During the Ylläs-Levi trail opening weekend, skiers on Fischer skis can enjoy free doughnuts at selected trailside cafés courtesy of Vauhti. Before the Ylläs-Levi Hiihto powered by Fischer event, there will also be a Vauhti Waxing School.

– Ylläs-Levi Hiihto powered by Fischer is at the heart of skiing. For many of us, skiing is a lifelong project, and our goal is to inspire people to keep moving towards that annual goal, Ylläs-Levi Hiihto. Skiing is a comprehensive sport from head to toe, and at its best, it involves enjoying all the ups and downs, as well as long, flat stretches in all weather conditions – and you can find all of this on the beautiful Ylläs-Levi trail. It’s truly fantastic to be a part of one of Finland’s biggest skiing events,” says Jenna Laukkanen, Product Manager for Fischer Cross-Country Skiing.

Ylläs-Levi Hiihto powered by Fischer will culminate the cross-country skiing season on April 6, 2024, in the stunning landscapes of Fell Lapland. Next year, the event will once again feature traditional distances of 70km and 55km on classic style.